Before our coming to China we immediately get hooked by the idea to relate our project to Chinese philosophy and in particular to “wu wei” wisdom and effortless action concept.

The artefacts you can find at the exhibition are our response to ideas and notions about China. Small impulses from chinese culture we have received got our imagination into motion.

At the airport in Poland we have bought a book about Chinese hermits living in the mountains, so we could see the way China is shown in pop culture. How different was the image of Chongqing after we landed in China. Even if We knew about how rapid the development of this place is, we didn’t expect such a big scale of it.

There is no rest, only action and high productivity seems to be the only real goal and the only way to go.

^^^ Marcin Pazera

^^^ Marta Niedbał
^^^ Magdalena Lazar
^^^ Barbara Janczak
^^^ Piotr Urbaniec

^^^ Bartosz Wajer