Vol.3 artists:
 Magdalena Lazar / Marta Niedbał / Barbara Janczak / Marcin Pazera / Piotr Urbaniec / Gregor Milewski / Bartosz Wajer

重庆市十方艺术中心 ( Chongqing Dimensions Art Cetntre )
Art Director: Tu Zeng   Assistants: Ke Hu, Ye Xie

Motion vs Rest is an art project talking about the idea of being productive and unproductive, passive and active and what this dynamic really means in a modern society.

Project itself also moves; it changes participants, places, mediums and content. We rediscover the idea of motion and rest each time it finds itself in a new context.

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>> Motion vs Rest 2017 / Chongqing / China / VOL.3
>> Motion vs Rest 2016 / Kraków / Poland / VOL.2
>> Motion vs Rest 2015 / Montreal / Canada / VOL.1